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OnTray Magazine is a full size, color magazine featuring a broad array of interests. We aspire to bring you the finest reading

literature that is both informative and entertaining. We cover many topics for people of all ages and interests including:

Restaurant Dining

Looking for a new place to eat? Some of the best restaurants in Boston and the surrounding area not only advertise with us but have featured articles about them.

Fine Arts

OnTray loves to introduce local artist to their readers, and keep you up to date on the latest gallery openings in your area.

Food and Recipes

Unique recipes for meals and dessert treats and articles on the best ingredients, freshest produce and more!

Upcoming concerts, shows, and other events all over Massachusetts.

Music & Theater
Local Current Events

Interesting and exciting spins on local events to keep you informed and up to date on happenings in the area.

Boutiques & Galleries

The best places to browse and shop in the area! 

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