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Looking to Advertise Your Business?? 


Our large, bright, full color, glossy pages provide the perfect place to

display some eye catching advertisements!

We provide well placed, quality advertisements for many of

Greater Boston's finest businesses.

Custom Advertising
at Affordable Rates

Our distribution, readership, and representation area focuses on Greater Boston and its surrounding areas.


Professionally distributed to supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, coffee shops, hotels, condos, restaurants, colleges, boutiques, offices, hospitals, commuter stations, newsstands, retail stores, law firms, tourist attractions, art galleries, salons, bakeries, and libraries.

When you decide to advertise with OnTray, all the work is done for you! Your ad will be created with superior graphics and thoughtful design. You just tell us what you want.

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1. Available at busy areas in

     Boston and its suburbs


2. OnTray Magazine is a

     free publication


3. Delivered to leading

      hotels, businesses

      and shops


4. Full of upcoming events

     and community



5. Features reviews

     businesses and articles




6. Put your ad next to other 

      well respected businesses


7. Attractive glossy pages,

     large print, and full color


8. Be able to create and

      customise your ad


9. Distributed by a

      professional distribution

      company with years of



10. Great advertising at

        affordable rates


10 Reasons
to Advertise in
OnTray Magazine

Contact us for more information on advertising and pricing!

Phone: 781. 848.1111      Email:


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